Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ellie's Kitty

A while back this cat wandered into our yard while we were outside one evening. It was the friendliest cat I've ever seen! It just came right up and let us pet it and it purred and was sweet as can be. It even let Ellie come near and pet it and chase it around the yard. She had a blast and it didn't seem to mind the attention, either.

It's been a couple weeks now since the kitty first showed up and he's still around. He's finished off almost a bag of cat food (left over from last year's transient kitties) and he shows up most evenings to say hi. Yesterday I had Ellie in the stroller in the garage before we went on a walk and she started saying "meow, meow". Sure enough, the cat was in the garage. I guess he thinks he's ours now... at least until we run out of cat food.

1 comment:

Lisa and Liam said...

That kitty looks so much like my cat Zephyr!! Ellie looks like she really loves the cat! Have you named it? Liam loves to pet Zephyr, its his morning routine after he eats breakfast on the couch!